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Exhibition: DOUG AITKEN – FROM 9 JULY 2015 at the SCHIRN in Frankfurt

DOUG AITKEN – SCHIRN KUNSTHALLE FRANKFURTDoug Aitken‘s spectacular film and sound works take visitors on a synaesthetic journey around the world and into themselves – in an irresistible maelstrom of expressive images and rhythmic landscapes. Civilization raises hopes – civilization is terrifying. These feelings are palpable in the inimitable works of art by the American […]

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Gazi to Gezi – a stones throw away

Gazi to Gezi – a stone’s throw away” explores the poetry of a nationwide revolt in Istanbul, Europe’s largest city. An explosive mix of the city’s inhabitants come together to fight the police and barricade themselves into one of the metropolis’ few remaining green spaces, Gezi Park. All are present; from the liberal students, to […]

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Carl Sagan explains LightSail

In 1976, Carl Sagan appeared on The Tonight Show to talk about a crazy new idea: solar sailing. Nearly 40 years later, The Planetary Society is realizing this dream with a new spacecraft called LightSail designed to propel through space on beams of sunlight.  

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Original The War of the Worlds drawings for sale

H.G. Wells first published his groundbreaking alien invasion story The War of the Worlds in serialized form in Pearson’s Magazine from April to December of 1897. The next year the first edition of the complete novel was published. It was an immediate success. Translated editions in Dutch, German, Polish, French, Russian and Italian followed in […]

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Excellent video essay : Auteur in Space

Tarkovsky, Solaris, and the Unknown // Created for the British Film Institute // January 2015 “What is art? Like a declaration of love: the consciousness of our dependence on each other. A confession. An unconscious act that nonetheless reflects the true meaning of life – love and sacrifice.” Music: “Mychkine” by Tarkovsky Quartet & J.S. Bach: […]

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New Issue : Music & Literature

Music & Literature no. 6 champions the work of three artists poised to break through on the international stage: Argentine poet Alejandra Pizarnik, Ukrainian composer Victoria Polevá, and Croatian writer Dubravka Ugrešić. An aura of almost legendary prestige surrounds the short life of Alejandra Pizarnik, who, though haunted by doubt and depression, left behind an oeuvre […]

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Review of “Walter Benjamin and the Media: The Spectacle of Modernity”

Reviewed by Brian Elliot Long title: Walter Benjamin and the Media: The Spectacle of Modernity Author/s: Jaeho Kang Review Walter Benjamin and the Media offers a wide-ranging analysis of Benjamin’s thought with particular emphasis on communications and artistic media such as radio, newspapers, film, theatre, literature and architecture. The book is organized largely thematically into four […]

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